Forsaken Nineveh// Jonah

Down in the belly of the broken vessel,


the faultless- to a death reserved.

*Nineveh- You cried out  





Patron goddess; broken city of damnation

Split amongst Israel and Damascus,

Set apart for destruction- you refused your calling.

Oh, cry out to the Wind; resist as you may- but atlas the Wind demands its (his, her, their) penance.

Cast lots- cast overboard,

Calamity calmed,

ceasing to: protest.


Encapsulated in porous ivory and rotten waste- here i composed a prayer:


Three days Death ensnared by a reckless love; lust; desire,

Heaved up and out- on my journey i returned- begrudgingly

i sat and waited- knowing well that Your punishment would wash over these immoral ones.

Washed it, You did;

White- You called out

[purity, virginity, innocence, illumination, cleanliness, sterility, spirituality, humility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection]


A sincere cleansing, illuminating the innocence of a pure virgin whose sterile womb was a host to the sincerity of Your protection- Your Goddamned request for softness; perfection.


i sat- shaded by the lush leafy greens of Your creation.

i was satisfied, then.

By the next day- the provisional shade was defeated and i was scorched by waves of heat.

my core boiled, my lips parched; i cried out in blasphemes anger.

You choose redemption over destruction.

“you had loving-pity on the plant which you did not work for. you did not cause it to grow. It came up during the night and died during the night.  And should I not have loving-pity for Nineveh? people who do not know the difference between their right and left?”


ida patton