with my hands

I asked you if you knew what love means with my mouth 

You just stared at me as if I had asked you why the stars hang over head or why our blood turns red

I asked you if you knew what it means to be held with my ribs

You leaned close but you didn’t dare touch my palms or my finger tips 

I asked you if you know how I feel when you look at me- with my eyes 

You pressed your mouth to mine in reply 

I tell you I love you because I know what it means-

Love is not something you say, no love talks with it’s bones 

It is the feeling of a splinter that you can’t remove- it is sand being melted and forced into glass 

Love is what put those stars over our heads 

I know love because my soul has taught me how to feel. 

And dear? I know what it means to hold

ida patton