Vintage Love

Distant reflections of back-lit mirrors,

Emotions telling us how to behave-

Behavior telling us how we are supposed to feel

I lean in to kiss you, startled by this sudden turn in intimacy you push me away

You are concrete and I am the water spilling through the seams,

Feeling so much- feeling too much, I tell myself.

I respond with words in the form of saline pooling from the corners of my eyes

Pretending that I am perfect.

Disillusioned painted on smiles and frowns- even the pain feels artificial.

I am a broken vessel not easily up to contain this heart that is too big for this body

I taste you on my lips,

I trace you with my fingertips.

Collapsing on top of your shadow I beg for you to kiss me,

like you see me,

and to see me like-

you use to touch me.

I am used to being too much.

I paint from photos that were taken before I was born,

Yearning to learn something from their vintage unknown love

What does it feel like to stay?

ida patton