When You Miss Home

When you miss home,

Think of every bad pop song we screamed while driving across the Broadway Bridge.

Think of endless summer days in my old car, before Betsy wrecked it.

Go back to laying in bed watching every Ryan Gosling movie ever made while the snow piled up oblivious of our need for the sun

To freshman year and Carl Kurtz and Ms. Linda and wanting to find  a love like theirs.

Of trying to draw our faces and failing, again and again.

When you feel like crying,


Cry and think of all of the reasons you have to smile.

Feel something and let it encase you even if it makes the tears fall harder.

Remember that tears don’t make us weak.

Cry until you ruin your makeup and then put it all back on again and know that pain is just a part of leaving.

but it does get better. I promise.

I love you, call me.

When you fall in love,

He better shine the way you always have in my eyes.

I hope he looks at you the same way Jack looked at Rose.

I hope he reminds you that you can achieve everything the world says you can’t.

When you miss me,

Think of all that we have shared .

We have shared dreams of traveling beyond the confines of the Midwest and seeing the vastness of the ocean

We have sat in studio until 3 am covered in charcoal

Came  home for late night cereal  only to realize we were out of milk/ malk.

Held each other when we had our hearts broken and made each other laugh when even smiling seemed too hard.

You were there when I told you I was leaving.

You encouraged me when no one else did, even if your eyes begged me to stay.

You wrote me letters when I left home and made the distance seem trivial so now I’m writing one for you to remind you of why you needed to leave.

It was you who picked me up from the airport after 380 days away from home

Now it is your turn to leave and I couldn’t stop you even if I tried.

Souls like ours aren’t meant to be tied down.