The Life of the Party

To tell you the truth, I am not the party type.

My social anxiety peaks in large groups of acquaintances and strangers.

I am always the first and the last one to leave the snack table, filling the awkward silence of small talk with chunks of bread, doritos and too-long-swigs of whatever there is to drink.

I’m your classic extravert/ introvert that never quite feels comfortable in any social setting because if they want thelifeofthepartyida she stayed home tonight and if they want thedeepconversationida you get the non-stop Ida instead.


Not sorry, I can’t help it.

God forbid there is anyone around that I am attracted to. If there is I can guarantee you that my foot is already in my mouth and cute guy is only continuing the conversation at this point for one of the following reasons:

  1. He feels bad for me
  2. He feels bad for me
  3. He is actually a serial killer
  4. He feels bad for me

Yep, not the best odds.

It’s just a tough place to be.

Thank God for cameras and Gin and Tonics.

Here’s to you Allison.

To turning 27 and embracing the future and putting up with me and all of my awkwardness.