At Twenty-two I find myself thinking more about death than I probably should.

I find myself thinking a lot more about life too.

It seems that I am in the cusp of ‘quarter-life-hood.’ I am no longer in the midst of adolescence, but I am nowhere near expired.

I have witnessed so much grief from the eyes of those around me this year and it has challenged my faith more than I care to admit, but this line of questioning has brought me so much clarity on the age old question (pun intended), “If we are all going to die what’s the point in living?”

I’ll let you in on a secret:

We aren’t dying. We are just headed toward an eternal life free from the pains of this world.

As strange as it is, these are the thoughts that led me to picking up a camera this summer. It was my need to document life  and all of the magic in the seemingly insignificant details of our day to day.

I have been wanting to photograph my family for years and it has always felt too hard, but I realized that one day I might not get to hug my dad and I wanted to capture the essence of who he is.

On a lighter note; I wanted to preserve all of these little moments because one day I will be a mother and my little cousins won’t be so little anymore.

So why not preserve the beauty of youth and aging now?