Greatest Gift

When you spend 70 hours traveling to and from love.

Love that makes your heart stop as you watch the sun break through the mountains.

That brings hot rolling tears down my porcelain skin.

Change is love, because you can only change what you love.

I can’t remember hating anyone,

but I remember the way those words tasted in my mouth.

That’s a place I do not wish to revisit.

I don’t think I’ve ever been great at anything, except maybe love.

It’s never something I’ve had to fake.

Loving others is easy, because I see the beauty even in the broken moments of life.

I think that’s the greatest gift I was given.

Sometimes it is easier to love a moment than it is to love the totality of a person.

Even when we stop loving a person, we continue to love their ghosts.

Even when we still love them we forget the sketches that make the composite image.