Outside the weather is beginning to shift.

Where there were once vividly painted leaves, there are now dull brown leaves in large piles covering the expanse of my neighborhood.

This is the seasons that I grow the most nostalgic in.

It isn’t necessarily that I am unhappy with the oncoming of winter or that I wish I could go back to any of the seasons or moments I walked through before today. It is more the luxury of laying in bed when it is too cold to go outside, listening to the Lumineers on repeat and looking back on a year full of beautiful memories that have shaped the person I am right now.

It is the excitement that meets us all at New Years and boldly proclaims, “This year will be even better.”

I am ready for 2017 and all that it will bring, but I am also thankful for the 2016 and all of the hard things the Lord has carried me through because I know that memories like these ones were worth all of the not so nice bits.

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