Excuse My Nostalgia

It is funny how woven together life is.

Late at night my thoughts free-fall like the waterfalls that we drove to.

I saw light in your eyes and I let myself believe in the magic that lays in the future.

I got sick and you bought me soup and made me tea.

The soup was awful, the tea was perfect.

The night was cool and I let you put your arm around me.

The colors are so vivid here.

Do you remember how much he wanted that watermelon and how happy I was that he bought it, the servers at the restaurant were not as enthusiastic.

Nor did they care for the way we lounged in their hammocks.

We went swimming in the middle of the lake and I did not make it back into the boat very gracefully.

You both laughed at me, but the sunset stole the show.

We drank sangria in an Irish pub and listened to Ed Sheeran.

Thankfulness spills out from these simple memories.