Disposable Youth

There is an insistent hunger inside of me.

A greediness to remember, but also to selectively forget.

My photographic journey really began six months into my time in Australia.

I bought a ten pack of disposable cameras in the K-Mart clearance bin and assumed that I would have a collection of beautiful photos to treasure for the rest of my life.

The reality of it is that most of the photos did not turn out at all and the ones that did were low quality at best.

So I didn’t come home with photos worthy of awe but what I did come home with was a stack of photos that take me back; to pool games in dive bars, celebrating NYE sober with some of the most beautiful people I know, of being drunk on a beach, of laughing until it hurt, of other people’s selfies, the long journey home, finding parts of myself that I did not know existed, coming back to Kansas City and wanting to run away again, of staying and a whole lot of special moments that I wouldn’t ever choose to forget.

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