Before Departure

I think back to all of that friends that have been a part of my life.

Some played a significant role in shaping the person I have become today and others left as quickly as they entered my life.

When I moved to Australia two years ago I felt as though I was losing every person that I had so deeply invested in, but through the process of leaving I realized that we always carry these people in our hearts no matter where we find ourselves.

As our interests and pursuits of our hearts change, so do the people in our lives. I met people that were in full pursuit of the things that drive their hearts.

Katlin and Henry are two people that are truly following the Spirit and the adventure that it brings. These photos were taken a day before Katlin departed for a five month stint on a cruise ship and just a couple of weeks before Henry and a group of his friends set out for North Dakota to photograph and stand with the protestors at The Dakota Access Pipeline.

Henry and Katlin had only known each other for a couple of weeks and yet that connection that only dreamers and seekers share was immediately evident in their friendship.

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