The Bottoms; Discovering the Beauty in the Forgotten

I will confess I have not been very good about Christmas shopping this year.

In fact, I have completely dropped the ball.

The only person I have managed to shop for is myself.

If you know me at all, you know how entirely uncharacteristic this is for me. Part of it is an inability to afford buying a gift for each and every person that I value… how that has turned into me shopping for myself is entirely unbeknownst to me.

Long story short I bought a couple of items this year that I have happily received as gifts from… myself, including a cheap Hobby Lobby photo album and a basket full of 4 x 6 inserts and have spent the last two weeks cataloging all of my photos.

I do my best to never discard an image, no matter how disappointing it may be at the time. A lot of these images were ones that I was not happy with and somehow after months of not seeing them I have fallen in love with the grain, the lack of exposure and the poor focus that was accidentally captured in most of these photos.

The more I shoot the better I get technically, but that does not always translate into taking better images.

I have learned that it is important to learn to appreciate the mistakes we make in art, because that’s all art really is; well the good stuff anyway.

It’s a pile of messy emotions, unfinished sentences and nostalgia and those things don’t always look the way we want them to.

I’m glad I gave these photos a second glance.