Summer Abroad

I carry so much from this summer.

Some in the form of objects; scattered beach glass, fossils and spare change that now reminds me of all that I have gained and lost.

My hands stumble upon these forgotten bits nostalgia in the lining of my coat pocket or the worn out backpack I carried through six separate countries.

Some of the things I now carry are held closer to my heart in the form of memories.

My heart still feels burdened recalling what heart break felt and looked like. It was the thief of joy, but just as quickly as it tore me down, it also began to rebuild me.

The Lord showed me my heart and it brought tears to my eyes. A heart as fragile and full as mine deserves to be cherished, but sometimes the most important love you can find is exclusive of another person.

We can not love one-another if we are not capable of self-love.

Slowly, I let go of fear.

Slowly, I walked into who the Lord is calling me to be.

Slowly, I began to see myself through His eyes

and then all at once I heard the Spirit speaking to me, “My Beloved.”

November 2016